Consistency with God. Really?

Everybody who’s gone to church has heard it…”Time alone with God is important”. We hear quotes or stories of successful ministers who say “My secret to making it is my relationship with God!”. We know it’s true, but when we try to be consistent, it seems like it becomes muddled or hard to focus on. Before we know it, it’s been 2 weeks and the only time with God we really spent was at church besides maybe some casual time on a commute or something.

I’ve heard it explained at conferences quite clearly. Where hype is high, the speaker will tell the attendees that the hype will wear off in a few weeks, and that they have to be diligent in seeking God’s face. The annoyance I always had though was that no one ever explained to me how to keep diligent. I mean, it’s great to know that you need something; it’s another thing to know how to get it. How do you stop from growing cold? How does one stay faithful when his track record is full of “oh wow, it’s been 3 days since I last read the Bible…and I still don’t feel like it”?

I was never one of those “highly motivated” people. I’d see someone with so much going on in their life and wonder how they had the energy and discipline to do it all. Meanwhile, my spiritual life was like a roller coaster. I’d have good days and bad days. The problem is we don’t really start seeing results until we start seeing consistency because those bad days get us to stomp out our harvest.

Putting Up the Hedge

So we know our walk needs to be consistent. How do you do it? The answer is to put up a hedge of protection against the assignments of the enemy. The devil doesn’t have enough personnel to attack you every day, which is why most of the time our prayer lives go up and down. On Monday things may be going good, but on Tuesday a demon comes around on his circuit to mess with you. He starts pressing the buttons that he’s gotten results with in the past and he will keep pressing those buttons until he gets an inch. When you give an inch, he takes a mile.

Another key to consistency and the motivation needed to attain it is to stare at God until you are desperate to change the difference between the two of you. Then, trust that God gives the grace to sustain the fire. Some things you can just learn, but other things need to be caught from being around it. Prayer is just one of those things. We have to be around God continually.

Another way to look at it is that as sons and daughters we have to get in His presence to catch His dream, and then we can start dreaming about our part in it. God gives a dream to birth a burden in you. Motivation is about having a dream. Desperation is about not being satisfied until you see that dream come true.

Putting up the hedge isn’t a certain secret formula; it’s simply agreeing with Father using words of faith. Over time my prayer has evolved and I’ve added things that I pray about. At the start I prayed over just the people in my family, and then something was stolen from me. Then I added covering the possessions God gave me and the enemy attacked me at work. I added covering my work and the enemy attacked my focus. Needless to say, the enemy will attack any open area that you leave unguarded.

Don’t let this get you into a legalistic mode that just prays out of fear though. As a guardian of my family, I take it as my responsibility to do what I can do and what I know to do. Anything I miss or make a mistake in, God has my back. That’s what guardian angels are for. God wants us doing our part though. We can’t just sit back and expect our co-workers in the faith to protect everything if we haven’t empowered them by speaking the Word over our lives. The Bible says that the angels perform His Word (Psalm 103:20-21). If there’s no Word being spoken by the ambassador of the Kingdom (that’s you), then they can’t do anything because Earth isn’t their jurisdiction until given permission.

I know it can be hard to hear, but the most important part of your day is the morning. Whether your morning starts at a different time because of a third shift position or not, the beginning of your day is when the shield needs to come up. That’s when the enemy is waiting to start a new round of punishment. We can be ready with our own punishment though.

In summation –  Make a habit to cover yourself and your family with prayer at the start of each day before the enemy builds momentum (For instance as soon as you get out of bed, start the shower, make breakfast, etc.) and you’ll start seeing success in consistency with God as the enemy begins consistently failing in his assignments. Mingle this with obtaining your part of God’s dream for the Earth and look out – consistency is here to stay. Really!