About Our Authors

Ryan Hallquist – Founder and Co-Author – reformationtactics@gmail.com


At the time of this writing I’m 31 years old. I’m married and have a one year old son. I’ve been brought up in church all my life and have a passion to write and teach the Bible. I was saved at an early age but I really started hearing the call of the Lord to commit to Him when I was 13. From that point on I’ve been on a maturation journey and I don’t plan on stopping. :) I believe that a person should never stop learning and this blog is an extension of that stance. To list a couple of my interests, I enjoy studying leadership principles, Biblical wealth, and business culture reform as well as nutrition and herbal medicine. I also enjoy serving in my local church at our food bank and I’ve just finished authoring my first book which is in the editing and publishing process right now. More to come later! My accountability is to my spiritual father, Apostle Les Bowling of Eagle Rock Church and Eagle Rock Covenant Network.

Jesus loves ya! May you posses the gates of your enemies and plunder what they’ve been tasked with gathering for you. Mat 16:18-19, Eccl 2:26



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